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Applications: Teaching

Teach about human computer interaction, motion capture, interaction design, physical computing, interactive art, video games, musical instruments and live performing with I-CubeX sensors ! They can capture a variety of events and signals - see the list below.


  • Introduce interaction design to media art newbies with the interactive picture frame, and have them think about the design of an innovative museum exhibit.
  • In your advanced media art class, get into controlling Adobe Flash and/or Director with I-CubeX.
  • Do a class on game controllers. Let your students explore the BalanceTile or an instrumented tennis racquet.
  • Wow DJs/VJs, dancers and other live performers by explaining the possibilities of controlling Ableton Live and/or Propellerheads Reason with I-CubeX.
  • Use the Hyper guitar, Theremin emulator examples and/or "controlling Applied Acoustics Tassman with I-CubeX", as a basis for a course about musical instrument design.
  • Get hands-on and do a physical computing workshop using Cycling '74 Max and I-CubeX (check our support section).
  • Browse more examples of classes where I-CubeX was used.
  • How does it work ?

    Sensors are connected to a computer, using one of the following thumb-sized interfaces:

  • USB-microDig: 8 analog/10-bit inputs at > 5 KS/s and 8 digital outputs (for actuators), via USB or MIDI.
  • Wi-microDig: 8 analog/10-bit inputs at > 1 KS/s via Bluetooth wireless (legal to use anywhere in the world) with 100 meter range, includes BatteryPack.
  • With I-CubeX software you can now configure the sensor interface to process the sensor signals and events, and map them to joystick controller values for use in your gaming environment and/or to a variety of MIDI messages as control information for sound and/or visual effects equipment. There is a wealth of software and devices that you can use in conjunction with I-CubeX to map the data to audiovisual effects.

    For more information about I-CubeX, read the About page.

    Ready to order ? Please check our Xplorer package and get setup quickly while saving $$$.


    Whole-body motion

    • Flash + SeeLaser-Red or SeeLaser-IR: crossing a line of upto at least 10 m length
    • LoungeOn: lying or seated on a sofa or bed (or not), 67 x 38 cm
    • SitOn: seated on a chair (or not), 35 x 25 cm
    • MoveAround: temperature of 8 objects, 5 m within 41 by 6.0 field of view
    • MoveOn: motion (or not) within a space, 2.5 m within 60 angle to 5.0 m within 10 angle
    • TapTile: contact force, upto ~ 100 Kg within 30 cm diameter
    • ReachClose: distance, 0.05 - 2 m within line of sight
    • ReachFar: distance, 1.0 - 5.5 m within line of sight
    • Advance-645: distance, 0.152 - 6.45 m without acoustic obstructions

    Limb motion

    • BendMicro: flex angle upto at least 180 with a min. 5 mm flex radius along 37 mm strip
    • BendMini: flex angle upto at least 180 with a minimum 5 mm flex radius along 63 mm strip
    • BendShort: flex angle upto at least 180 with a minimum 5 mm flex radius along 87 mm strip
    • GForce3D-6: acceleration, upto 6G, and inclination, 360 range, both in 3 directions
    • Orient3D: heading (yaw), pitch and roll, 360 heading range, 90 pitch and roll range

    Proximity, distance

    • ReachOn: upto 2 mm from behind a cover
    • Magnetic3D: upto 15 cm with included magnet
    • Reach: upto 15 cm from behind a cover
    • ReachClose: 0.05 - 2 m within line of sight
    • Advance-645: 0.152 - 6.45 m without acoustic obstructions

    Touch, slide, turn

    • Bang: pickup taps and other impacts applied anywhere on a surface
    • TouchMicro-03: contact force upto ~ 40 Kg within 3 mm diameter area
    • TouchMicro-5: contact force upto ~ 100 Kg within 5 mm diameter area
    • TouchMicro-10: contact force upto ~ 70 Kg within 10 mm diameter area
    • TouchMini: contact force upto ~ 100 Kg within 13 mm diameter area
    • Touch: contact force upto ~ 100 Kg within 37.5 x 37.5 mm area
    • TouchStrip: contact force upto ~ 100 Kg within 13 x 609 mm area
    • TouchMiniOn: touch (or not) the button, 10x10 mm
    • TouchGlove: glove with TouchMicro-5 sensors on each fingertip and palm
    • ReachOn: touch (or not) the surface, 30 x 30 mm
    • Slide-050: contact position, upto 50 (x 7.0 mm)
    • Slide-100: contact position, upto 100 (x 7.0 mm)
    • Slide-170: contact position, upto 170 (x 7 mm)
    • Slide-200: contact position, upto 200 (x 7.0 mm)
    • Slide-300: contact position, upto 300 (x 7.0 mm)
    • Slide-400: contact position, upto 400 (x 7.0 mm)
    • Slide-500: contact position, upto 500 (x 7.0 mm)
    • Slide-750: contact position, upto 750 (x 7.0 mm)
    • SlideRound: contact position, upto 360 within a 46/56 mm inner/outer diameter ring)
    • SlideWide: contact position, upto 165 (x 160 mm)
    • Push: contact position, upto 100 mm
    • Push2D: contact position in 2 directions, 5 mm
    • Turn: rotation, single turn upto 300

    Object manipulation

    • GForce3D-6: acceleration, upto 6G, and inclination, 360 range, both in 3 directions
    • Orient3D: heading (yaw), pitch and roll, 360 heading range, 90 pitch and roll range

    Body neurophysiology

    • BioVolt: heart contractions such as in an EKG (electro-cardiogram)
    • BioVolt: muscle tension such as in an EMG (electro-myogram)
    • BioVolt: brain waves such as in an EEG (electro-encephalogram) and
      eye movement such as in an EOG (electro-oculogram)
    • BioEmo: skin resistance or GSR (galvanic skin response)
    • Stretch: in/exhalation
    • Hot: body temperature

    Environmental sensors

    • Air: air pressure, 15 - 115 kPa
    • BendShort: airflow speed
    • Flash: light intensity, upto 1000 Lux within a 20-wide cone field of view
    • Hot: temperature, -40 - 100 C
    • Humid: relative humidity, 0 % - 100 %
    • Light: light intensity, upto 10,000 Lux, within 180 cone field of view
    • Loud: sound loudness, 61 - 122 dB
    • Magnetic3D: magnetic field strength
    • Vibe: vibration amplitude

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