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01 Feb 2018
The Update II
Today, we're releasing iCube v4.0 for Max. The iCube external object was one of the first plugins we made back in 1995 and we're happy to announce this important update for it. This version includes some powerful features such as automatic syncing with the connected digitizer, support for digital sensors, support for standalone mode and output in physical units of measurement. More updating is on the way, check back here soon.

14 Jan 2018
The Update
Well, it's 2018 now and we had it coming of course. With that we mean "The Update". We're sort of half way but wanted to put out a notice that we're working on it, and that some things are already available. First off, Connect v1.5.0 is a major improvement - we really recommend it. There is new firmware for USB-microDigs and Wi-microDigs, with significant improvements too, in particular for digital (I2C) sensors. 64-bit versions of EditorX and Link have been posted because the 32-bit versions are incompatible with MacOS High Sierra - apologies for the delay in addressing this.

11 Oct 2017
New sensors and USB-microDig
Had a nice summer ? We were working on a number of new sensors: BioBeat3D (measure heart BPM as well as blood SpO2 and skin temperature), Orient4D (measure orientation while rotating 36O degrees in all directions, as well as 3D magnetic field strength, acceleration and angular velocity), ReachID (detect RFID tags), ReachCloseD (measure up to 2 m distance with laser precision) and Swipe3D (detect a variety of swipe gestures or measure distance or color). These are all digital (I2C) sensors. To add these to our catalog, the USB-microDig's hardware had to be updated to v7.5 and programmed with a new firmware v7.5. Comes with an updated version of EditorX to configure it all.

31 Mar 2017
Digitizer label numbers
We keep receiving reports of customers whose digitizer identifying numbers (except for the firmware number), as stored in the digitizer firmware, are incorrect, ie. different than the numbers on the label on the bottom of the digitizer. You can see this in Connect or other software as your digitizer being represented by Connect or other software with incorrect label numbers. Our various software programs use the label numbers to make features available that correspond with the connected digitizer. Without this information the software may incorrectly configure your digitizer resulting in erroneous behaviour that is really hard to debug. To restore these label numbers we made a small software utility called Reset_myDig (MacOS 64bit / Windows 64bit, MacOS 32bit / Windows 32bit). You can keep Connect running while using Reset_myDig, which can then communicate to the digitizer via the MIDI ports created by Connect.

12 Jan 2017
Connect for Windows
There's a new version 1.35 of Connect for Windows to represent digitizers as virtual MIDI ports. It sports some neat new features ! A mini configuration panel allows you to turn on/off sensor inputs, set the sampling interval, set the mode of operation, set muting and reset the digitizer. OSC output enables you to easily send sensor data to a slew of OSC-capable software programs and devices. Last but not least, Connect now allows you to convert any serial port into a virtual MIDI port.

12 Dec 2016
Link v1.4
We've updated our Link software, now with calibration and graphical plotting features that should help you get a better insight in the sensor data. It uses Connect for a reliable and stable connection with the digitizer. And of course, we got rid of some bugs and fixed a few user interface issues. Also, the workspace is completely saved which makes for an easy continuation from where you left it. LBNL, detailed help documentation is included.

28 Nov 2016
Firmware v7.3, v6.3 and more ..
There's new firmware v7.3 for the USB-microDig and firmware v6.3 for the Wi-microDig, with many great features, especially for standalone mode. Map each parameter of a digital (I2C) sensor to an actuator, while sending it out as MIDI (or OSC) as well. Control regular binary "on/off" actuators, PWM servos and digital (I2C) actuators. And there is more ! Start by running FirmwareX to upgrade your digitizer. Then configure it with EditorX v7.3 software. Connect was updated as well to fix an issue with connecting to Wi-microDigs, and improve compatibility with EditorX. And now you can send OSC messages to your digitizer to control actuators !

03 Nov 2016
PiShield for Raspberry Pi
A big thanks to everybody that supported our PiShield Kickstarter campaign. The PiShield allows you to easily add up to 8x 5V analog sensors and 4x I2C devices to the Raspberry Pi. Get your order in now !
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