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Products: miniDig (obsolete)
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The miniDig is a palm-sized hardware device that encodes upto 8 analog voltage signals (such as generated by sensors) to multimedia industry compliant MIDI messages with high resolution in real-time. It's firmware v4.4 enables it to operate in both stand alone mode (without computer) as well as host mode (with computer). Stand alone mode includes various sensor processing and mapping features such as gesture recognition. It is sold as part of the miniSystem. For more inputs and resolution, as well as the ability to control actuators, check out the Digitizer. For a wireless version, check out the Wi-miniDig.

Technical specifications

Product miniDig (Digitizer v4.4/5.00)
Version firmware v4.4, hardware v5.00

Sensor input
Number of inputs 8
Range 0 to 5 Volt
Resolution 10 bit or 7 bit (user selectable)
Sampling interval programmable from 4 ms (min) - 16380 ms (max) in steps of 4 ms (actual sampling rate below)

Sampling rate active inputs (signal processing disabled)
1 1-2 1-4 1-8
stand alone mode control 128 82 48 26 Hz (max)
pitch 125 79 47 25 Hz (max)
host mode 7 bit 111 106 98 82 Hz (max)
10 bit 108 99 85 66 Hz (max)
Sampling latency 3.2 ms (min) - 10.8 ms (max) (one active input without signal processing)
Signal processing functions inversion
scaling (0.04 Volt min range leaving 3-bit resolution)
threshold detection (0.04 Volt min step)
peak/dip detection (over 16 samples max)
averaging (over 16 samples max)
differentiation (between 2 consecutive samples only)
noise gate (5 Volt max range)
Supply voltage 5 Volt
Supply current 30 mA per sensor (typical)

Data format
Standalone mode MIDI channel voice protocol:
MIDI pitch-bend (10 bit resolution)
MIDI note-on/off, key-pressure, control-change, program- change or after-touch (7 bit resolution)
See MIDI implementation documentation for details
Host mode MIDI system exclusive protocol:
See MIDI implementation documentation for details
Transmission MIDI cable, current loop (serial port profile: 31250 kbs, no parity, 1 stop bit, 8 data bits)

Sensor 3-pin column (2.54 mm / 0.1" spaced), for each of the 8 inputs
MIDI 5 pin DIN (input, output with software switch-able thru)
Power 7.5 V / 0.33 A, 2.1mm / 5.0mm (inner/outer diameter) coaxial plug with center positive

Dimensions 80 mm x 40 mm x 20 mm (3.15" x 1.57" x 0.79")
Weight 0.11 kg (3.9 oz), incl. MIDI cable but excl. power supply

Known bugs

The sampling time is actually 1.953125 times longer then the programmed value. For example if you set a sampling time of 1000 ms you will actually get a sampling time of 1953 ms.

We are not aware of any other bugs at this time. Please notify us if you think you may have encountered one.

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