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Applications: BioSensing

Research and experiment with human body neurophysiology.


I-CubeX biopotential sensors allow you to capture various signals (see also below):

  • Heart contraction signals such as recorded in an EKG (electro-cardiogram): BioVolt
  • Muscle tension signals such as recorded in an EMG (electro-myogram): BioVolt
  • Brain wave signals such as recorded in an EEG (electro-encephalogram): BioVolt
  • Eye movement signals such as recorded in an EOG (electro-oculogram): BioVolt
  • Skin resistance or GSR (galvanic skin response) signals: BioEmo
  • Inhalation and exhalation during breathing: Stretch
  • Body temperature: Hot
  • How does it work ?

    Sensors are connected to a computer using our thumb-sized WiDig or Wi-microDig with 8 analog (10-bit) / digital (I2C) inputs, sampling at > 1 KS/s, transmitting via Bluetooth wireless.

    With I-CubeX software you can now process the signals, map them to audiovisual effects so as to create biofeedback, record them, or visualize them using 3rd party software.

    For more information about I-CubeX, read the About page.

    Click for detail BioVolt (heart contraction / EKG) Click for detail
    Click for detail BioVolt (muscle tension / EMG) Click for detail
    Click for detail BioVolt (eye movement / EOG, brainwaves / EEG) Click for detail
    Click for detail BioEmo (skin resistance / GSR)
    Click for detail Stretch (in/exhalation)
    Click for detail Hot (body temperature)
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