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Events: I-CubeX Sessions
Would you like to get hands-on experience with I-CubeX and see how it could be applied to your work ? The I-CubeX Sessions aim to do just that, in a workshop format. Come explore I-CubeX in detail .. and get a great deal on some of our products in the process (see below) ! Check the calendar for details where/when to participate. See below for a video summary of a recent workshop at Harvestworks in New York (thanks to Harvestworks for providing the video !).

Who should come ?

If you work in one of the following fields, research one of the following topics and/or have a specific interest in interactive media, we strongly suggest you to participate.

What is this about ?

The I-CubeX Sessions aim to highlight a trend that brings together technological innovation in the areas of real-time sensor interfacing, control surfaces, visual programming and sound sequencing. I-CubeX (by Infusion Systems) sensors capture many more (human) motions than common control surfaces such as keyboards and provide software support such that musicians, dancers and other artists can use the sensors to express in unusual ways. Max (by Cycling74), together with the MSP and Jitter plugins, facilitates the creation of unique algorithms for the generation and processing of media, connecting gestural input devices with audiovisual output devices - all through a visually oriented programming method that invites creation and experimentation. It challenges composers to be programmers and vice-versa. Live (by Ableton) bridges the musical creation and production processes. It challenges composers to be performers and vice-versa. This chain of technology is becoming more and more integrated, and with the advent of Max4Live (Ableton/Cycling74) the creation of uniquely personal instruments for audiovisual expression has become one more (big) step within the reach of many artists interested in crossing boundaries and developing new art forms.


In the workshop, participants will learn how to apply sensor technology to develop their own concepts of electronic media control whether it be for research, teaching, tinkering or art, without needing to become a hardware engineer. Special attention will be given to capturing human movements and using the data to control sound and music media through the use of Max and Live software. The workshop aims to achieve three goals:

  1. Understanding of I-CubeX sensors' capabilities (what they can capture and how they could be applied)
  2. Understanding of I-CubeX operation (how to setup a number of sensors and create/control output)
  3. Proof of concept wrt. participant's interactive design idea.


Check the calendar for details where/when an I-CubeX Sessions workshop is held.

1st hour: Starting with a discussion and analysis of what the participants would like to achieve, various relevant sensor technologies will be presented and discussed together with examples of I-CubeX sensor products, and/or similar electronic art projects. If applicable, demo applications of I-CubeX products will be presented and discussed in some detail to provide suggestions to the participants how to proceed with their vision of a controller, interactive installation etc..

2nd hour: Each participant will be setup with I-CubeX equipment as best matches their needs. After all setups have been installed and are working, all features of I-CubeX hardware (sensors, interfaces) and software (Editors, Mapper, Router, Max plugins, Live devices) will be explained and demonstrated, with the participants being able to try out these features on their setup.

3rd hour: The participants will be guided to develop the setup into a prototype of the controller or interactive installation they would like to make. This includes examining and discussing signal processing aspects, mapping and routing of data, 3rd-party software options to create suitable output, practical implementation issues (eg. in the case of on-body instrumentation), wireless options etc..

Do I need to bring anything ?

Participants should bring their own computer with software Cycling74 Max/MSP, Ableton Live, Max4Live already installed (no purchase necessary, use the trial versions), as well as other software of their choice, unless the facility where the workshop is held is equipped. They can also bring their own musical instruments and audio/MIDI interfaces, keyboards and DJ mixers. The participants need to be familiar with the software of their choice, but no knowledge of sensors and sensor interfacing is assumed, while it will not be necessary for participants to hack hardware or solder electronic components.

Special offers

The participants will be offered to purchase I-CubeX equipment at a significant discount.

More info

If you'd like to host a workshop and have questions / suggestions, would like a different format or address specific topics, please contact us.

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