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11 Aug 2011
We presented the "XVJ" (Xpressive Video-Jockey) Sessions in the SIGGRAPH Studio with a workshop and demos. SIGGRAPH took place in Vancouver, Canada from 7-11 August 2011. We thank those who had the chance to stop by !

Also, we just released a new editor v3.4 for Windows that fixes a number of issues, notably the issues with MIDI port mapping, data recording, default directories and installation.

17 Jan 2011
Shipping options
We reviewed the shipping options again and decided to expand Canada Post shipping options with Xpresspost shipping in addition to the Small Packet Air shipping option. These options are available for orders upto $1000. For the Small Packet Air shipping method, unfortunately there's no shipment tracking and insurance is upto $100 only. We'll let you weigh the options. Regardless, if you'd like us to check whether we can do better in your specific case, let us know - we'll be happy to look into it.

Also, we now offer more options wrt. the customs declaration of your goods. Since you're the importer we thought you'd like to be in control. Read the section about shipping in the sales policy for details.

07 Jul 2010
Max for Live and more support
Try our new Dig4Live v1.11 (MacOS / Windows) for Max for Live and control Ableton Live widgets with I-CubeX sensors ! You can use any of our Max objects and plugins in Max for Live.

We also put some more help online recently. Start at well, our Get Started page and there you'll find the "Quick Start" pages for all our digitizers, where we guide you through the setup process, step by step. We really want you to be up and running fast !

We want to make you aware of LiveSupport-1: live personal help when you're stuck using our products. Included with a System or Wi-microSystem (if purchased after 15 December 2009).

20 Aug 2009
New sensors
Visitor Detection: With the MoveAlong you can measure how fast somebody is passing by, and in which direction. And for more detail there's the MoveAround with 8 sensing elements. Great for getting some stats about your exhibit or triggering media to draw attention ... for instance, the faster somebody's passing by, the more attention grabbing (louder, brighter, ..) you can make the media appear ! Together with the Advance-645, MoveOn, ReachClose and TapTile, we've lots of options for visitor detection. Be there not or be I-CubeX-ed.

Multi-touch Control Surfaces: We've expanded the Slide sensors with a range of different sizes (50, 170, 500 mm straight ones and a round one). You can make lots of fancy control surfaces by combining Push sensors (Push, Push2D), Reach sensors (Reach, ReachClose, ReachOn), Slide sensors (Slide-50, Slide, Slide-170, SlideLong, Slide-500, SlideRound, SlideWide), Touch sensors (Touch, TouchMicro-3, TouchMicro-5 TouchMicro-10, TouchMini, TouchMiniOn, TouchStrip) and Turn sensors (Turn, Turn&Spin). Place Slide and Touch sensors next to as well as on top of each other and create multi-touch surfaces. Check it out !

15 Aug 2009
Software tools
We are actively expanding and improving our software tools and compatibility to help you get the most out of your I-CubeX. There is a new MacOS editor (there is also a Windows editor with even more features). We have a plug-in for EyesWeb. For programmers, there's a Windows C++ API and MacOS C API. We've recently explained how to control Flash with I-CubeX. And let's not forget that we have Max objects for MacOS on Intel and Windows, and patches for many of our products - if you don't have Max software use them with the runtime version.

To make your I-CubeX data appear as keyboard strokes and strings with which you can control other software programs, try our new keycode/string mapper. For (conditional) re-mapping of your I-CubeX data to different MIDI messages, and also to make your I-CubeX data appear as keyboard strokes or mouse movements, or to map to other Windows messages, use MIDI translator Pro For MacOS, there's MIDIPipe or try JunXion.
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