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20 Aug 2009
New sensors
Visitor Detection: With the MoveAlong you can measure how fast somebody is passing by, and in which direction. And for more detail there's the MoveAround with 8 sensing elements. Great for getting some stats about your exhibit or triggering media to draw attention ... for instance, the faster somebody's passing by, the more attention grabbing (louder, brighter, ..) you can make the media appear ! Together with the Advance-645, MoveOn, ReachClose and TapTile, we've lots of options for visitor detection. Be there not or be I-CubeX-ed.

Multi-touch Control Surfaces: We've expanded the Slide sensors with a range of different sizes (50, 170, 500 mm straight ones and a round one). You can make lots of fancy control surfaces by combining Push sensors (Push, Push2D), Reach sensors (Reach, ReachClose, ReachOn), Slide sensors (Slide-50, Slide, Slide-170, SlideLong, Slide-500, SlideRound, SlideWide), Touch sensors (Touch, TouchMicro-3, TouchMicro-5 TouchMicro-10, TouchMini, TouchMiniOn, TouchStrip) and Turn sensors (Turn, Turn&Spin). Place Slide and Touch sensors next to as well as on top of each other and create multi-touch surfaces. Check it out !

15 Aug 2009
Software tools
We are actively expanding and improving our software tools and compatibility to help you get the most out of your I-CubeX. There is a new MacOS editor (there is also a Windows editor with even more features). We have a plug-in for EyesWeb. For programmers, there's a Windows C++ API and MacOS C API. We've recently explained how to control Flash with I-CubeX. And let's not forget that we have Max objects for MacOS on Intel and Windows, and patches for many of our products - if you don't have Max software use them with the runtime version.

To make your I-CubeX data appear as keyboard strokes and strings with which you can control other software programs, try our new keycode/string mapper. For (conditional) re-mapping of your I-CubeX data to different MIDI messages, and also to make your I-CubeX data appear as keyboard strokes or mouse movements, or to map to other Windows messages, use MIDI translator Pro For MacOS, there's MIDIPipe or try JunXion.

10 Aug 2009
@ ICMC on 19 August
We will make a brief one-day "acte de presence" at the ICMC 2009 conference on computer music. Look for us in the Tanna lobby near the registration desk on Wednesday 19 August. There will be special offers for attendees. Also, during the concerts some of our products will be given away in a draw !

14 Jun 2009
SIGGRAPH workshop, 3-7 August
Join us during 3-7 August in New Orleans, USA, where we will be extensively workshopping in the SIGGRAPH Studio. The workshops are free to attend ! At this event we'll tempt you with some pretty amazing deals (only between 1-8 August). If you need a SIGGRAPH registration pass so that you can join our workshop, let us know - we have a limited number of free passes available on a first come, first serve basis. We hope to see you there !

By the way, note that we have drastically reduced shipping charges, which we hope is especially attractive for all overseas customers. And, check out these ultra-low prices for a few demo items !!

01 Apr 2009
Shipping news
We're discontinuing Canada Post/Xpresspost as delivery methods. The service was already unavailable for some destinations, and selecting it was giving an error when entering an order. While postal delivery looked cheaper on paper, the fees did not include brokerage and disbursement expenses, which ended up added to sales tax (VAT) and duty and had to be paid on delivery. These easily added up to US$65 or 50 Euro to some orders and came as unwelcome surprises to many clients. At the same time most UPS AIR deliveries will now be shipping Express, either Next Day when available, or the best time if not. UPS AIR does include brokerage and disbursement fees, so the only things left to pay on delivery will be sales tax (VAT) and duty, without surprise fees.

We now offer the ability to use your own shipping account - making shipping and all those other fees related to shipping such as sales tax and brokerage fees part of your supplier's billing cycle instead of payment on delivery. A small handling fee applies to cover the extra paperwork we must fill out separate from automated systems.
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