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What's New?

09 May 2023
We've added a page about Unity with an example of how to use I-CubeX for the control of Unity assets via OSC messages, which can be sent wirelessly by the WiDig via WiFi. Try it out and let us know what you think !

05 May 2023
Apple silicon
We've finally released recompiled versions of the iCube and oCube externals for Max that support Apple silicon. EditorX, Link and SensePlay were also updated with these new externals. So sorry for the long delay - finally you don't have to run under Rosetta anymore when running these software programs.

04 May 2023
Getting more control out of a sensor
The video below will show you in 4 examples how to make use of some of the new features such as ghost mode and value skipping so that one sensor can be used to capture multiple gestures, and map these to different MIDI messages.

Important: Your WiDig must run Firmware version 8.30 and be used with Connect and EditorX 8.30, all released on 1 May 2023.

26 Apr 2023
Configure the WiDig for WiFi
The video below shows how to configure the WiDig for Wifi.

Important: To use this WiConnect WiFi version, your WiDig must run Firmware version 8.30.

24 Apr 2023
Ghost mode
We released new versions of EditorX and Connect, both available for MacOS and Windows.

To make use of the new features of EditorX update your WiDig to firmware 8.30 and WiConnect 1.20 (MIDI via BLE or USB) or WiConnect 2.00 (OSC/WS via WiFi or MIDI via USB), or your USB-microDig to firmware 7.80.

If you're on MacOS, update the firmware with Connect. If you're on Windows, use FirmwareX. While you're at it, make sure your USB drivers are up to date as well.

New in this I-CubeX toolchain release (aside from bug fixes):
- Ghost mode, ie. the sensor input processes the data from the adjacent lower-numbered input but can be configured to map differently (enable via Shift-clicking the On button).
- Use lookup tables to filter out specific ranges of sensor values.
- Improved ReachOnD and ReachID handling and processing.

Any questions, contact us !
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