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Wire transfer information

To send your payment in the form of a wire transfer (also known as a bank or tele transfer), use the routing information below to transfer money from any financial institution to Infusion Systems Ltd. See also our bank's wire transfer information.

We charge a $30 wire transfer processing fee for an order total less than $500. Upon receipt of your order, this fee will be added to your order. Please make sure your payment includes this fee. Payment by credit card incurs no extra processing charges.

You MUST specify to your bank that your wire transfer is to be denominated in the currency of the quote we sent to you, or you run the risk of paying too little due to currency exchange transaction fees which will result in your order not being shipped.

Bank information

Royal Bank of Canada
Sherbrooke & Victoria Branch
4849 Sherbooke Street West
Westmount, QC H3Z 1G6
Phone: +1 514 874 8483

Routing information

Name: Infusion Systems Ltd. (address)
Account: 1013093
Transit: 09311
Bank: 003
National Sort Code: //CC00309311
ABA: 021000021
"IBAN": 003 1013093 09311 (see note below)

Note that North-America technically doesn't use IBAN but that banks in countries that do use IBAN can interpret the "IBAN" as provided above and execute a wire transfer to us, but you may need to get in touch with a person at your bank as the website of your bank may only accept IBAN as per their technical definition. We apologize for this inconvenience and hope banks will sort out this mess soon.

Transaction fees

Please note that the banks involved in processing a wire transfer will charge transaction fees. These fees are charged not only directly to you when you initiate the wire transfer but also may there be fees deducted from your amount while in transit, and finally a fee will be charged to us as the recipient. This process results in a deposit into our account that is lower than the amount due for your order. We have no way of accounting for or predicting this difference as the banks, surprisingly, do not provide any statement to account for these transaction fees. Hence, if the difference is disproportionate (usually due to many banks being involved in the wire transfer), please be advised that we may require you to send us the wire transfer confirmation statement from your bank and/or that we may require you to make additional payments to cover the amount due. Credit card payment is usually a faster, more reliable and transparent method of payment than wire transfer.

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