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Resources: I-CubeX & Observer

This video demonstrates the use of I-CubeX sensors to provide more detailed data for an observation with Noldus Observer (version 10.1) and how to import sensor data into Observer. See for more information the behaviour measurement page.

Summary of the steps:

  • Editor: select all output messages to have the same data range (7-bit: 0-127 or 10-bit: 0-16383, in steps of 16).
  • Editor: select "remote" recording method.
  • Editor: uncheck "Store sensor value only when it changes".
  • Observer: setup external device control message for StartRecording.exe, StopRecording.exe.
  • Observer: at the beginning of the recording make a sudden motion to allow easy synchronization of the video with the sensor data.
  • Excel: apply formula to sensor data to obtain calibrated data in relevant units.
  • Observer: right-click "external data" (under "observation") to import I-CubeX data file.
  • Observer: create external data format by selecting time series method and selecting data columns.
  • Observer: synchronize video to sensor data by entering into "file synchronization" the time difference between the beginning of the sudden motion in the video and in the sensor data.
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