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Events: SIGGRAPH 2011
We will present the XVJ (Xpressive Video-Jockey) Sessions in the Studio at SIGGRAPH 2011 in Vancouver, Canada from 7-11 August 2011. The XVJ sessions invites attendees to imagine the future of gesturally expressive video-jockeying. Go beyond knobs and sliders and experiment with sensors, controllers and input devices that capture more human movements to control visual effects in real-time. Perform live through the XVJ webcast and thrill a virtual audience ! Come visit, explore I-CubeX in detail .. and get a great deal on some of our products in the process (see below) !

Who should come ?

If you work in one of the following fields or research one of the following topics, and/or have a specific interest in interactive media, we strongly suggest you to visit.

I-CubeX is also used for scientific research, tracking and counting of people as well as sensing of neuro-physiological signals such as muscle tension, heart beat, brain waves and skin resistance. So if you're active in one of the following areas we also encourage you to check us out.

What is this about ?

The XVJ (Xpressive Video-Jockey) sessions aim to highlight a trend that brings together technological innovation in the areas of sensor interfacing, control surfaces, visual effects and sound sequencing, and the ability to connect all these technologies while operating in real-time. There are many novel input devices, controllers and sensors that capture more (human) motions and parameters than common control surfaces with knobs, sliders and buttons, enabling artists to express in unusual ways. Examples are the Kinect depth sensor and Wii game controllers. I-CubeX sensors can capture parameters such as heartbeat, facial muscle motion, muscle tension, skin temperature & conductance, body weight displacement, hand/hip/foot rotations & accelerations & impacts amongst others, and are designed for use in artistic practices. They output data using MIDI or OSC (Open Sound Control). Visual effects programs (eg. Resolume Avenue), and sound sequencers such as (eg. Ableton Live) together offer an enormous palette of audiovisual effects and can be fully controlled in real-time through OSC and MIDI. All these programs are often used by VJs and other performing artists. Combining these programs with I-CubeX sensors and other novel input devices and controllers is still challenging due to complexity of the setup, but it's feasible for performing artists to experiment with this form of real-time audio-visual expression while going beyond regular control surfaces and using neuro-physiological signals, facial expressions, empty-handed gestures, whole-body motions and even dance figures.


The XVJ Sessions will allow you to:

  • Perform live as an XVJ in a webcast.
  • Experiment with these technologies to imagine a novel VJ setup.
  • Learn how to use these tools together in a workshop.
  • See us demo the XVJ live.
  • Anytime during the day you are invited to drop in and sit down to explore I-CubeX with us. We'll be ready to discuss the many other applications of I-CubeX, talk about sensors, interfaces and software. We can help you implement a specific project, answer specific questions, show you our latest hack, demo .. etc. There will also be a live public demonstration and a hands-on workshop. See below for more details.

    Live demo details

    The live public demonstration took place on Monday 8 August from 21:30 - 22:00 pm during a reception in the Studio. Here is a sample of how it looked:

    Workshop details

    The workshop will provide you with hands-on understanding how to combine Resolume Avenue and Ableton Live software with I-CubeX sensors to capture all your performance gestures, resulting in uniquely personal instruments for audio-visual expression. In the workshop, participants will learn the basics of I-CubeX sensor technology so as to help develop their own video-jockey controls, without needing to become a hardware engineer. Special attention will be given to capturing human movements and using the data to control audio-visual media through the use of Resolume Avenue, Ableton Live and Max software. The workshop aims to achieve three goals.

    1. Understanding I-CubeX sensors' capabilities (what they can capture and how they could be applied).
    2. Understanding I-CubeX operation (how to setup a number of sensors and create control messages).
    3. Understanding I-CubeX integration (how to apply and route control messages into 3rd-party software such as Resolume Avenue and Ableton Live)

    Workshop schedule

    The workshop will be held on Tuesday 9 August 2011, 10:40 am - 12:10 pm. See also the SIGGRAPH Studio workshop program for details.

    1st half hour: Various relevant sensor technologies will be presented and discussed together with examples and demos of I-CubeX sensor products.

    2nd half hour: Each participant will be setup with a default I-CubeX equipment set. After all setups have been installed and are working, all features of I-CubeX hardware (sensors, interfaces) and software (Editor, Link and Keys) will be explained and demonstrated, with the participants being able to try out these features on their setup.

    3rd half hour: Use of I-CubeX together with 3rd party software (Resolume Avenue, Ableton Live with Dig4Live plugin) will be demonstrated and explained.

    Do I need to bring anything ?

    15 workstations will be available with Resolume Avenue, Ableton Live (incl. Max for Live) and Cycling74 Max/MSP/Jitter for the workshop and we'll have computers in the I-CubeX area available every day of the conference. There's no need to bring anything but you're still welcome to bring your own computer including sound devices and musical instruments. Familiarity with Resolume, Live and Max software comes in handy, but no knowledge of sensors and sensor interfacing is assumed, while it will not be necessary for participants to hack hardware or solder electronic components.


    You can find us in the Vancouver Convention Centre, West Building, Ballroom A. The workshop is also held there. See also the SIGGRAPH Studio program for details.

    Special offers

    The event is now over and the opportunity for discounts gone. Please come to our next show !


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